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Object Engineering has extensive and varied experience integrating different systems. We can provide custom software-to-software integration as well as interfacing special hardware devices to existing systems.

Hardware and software integration

Many companies specialize in either hardware or application software integration, but they often lack the in-depth understanding required to integrate the two. The staff at Object Engineering understand and can deal with both. On the hardware side, we understand the protocols and interfaces used by special equipment, even though we do not manufacture it ourselves. We can optimize the connections between the application software and specialized hardware. This enables us (and you!) to make use of off-the-shelf IOT (Internet of Things) components. Such solutions are neither complex nor impossible. Let us provide you with rapid deployment of new cost-saving digitital technology in your company.

Does adding a special device or system to your software seem difficult or impossible?

We specialize in building bridges between software systems and custom hardware while ensuring that your daily operations are uninterrupted. Whether you have mainframe applications or special hardware, let us bring them all together for you .

Reference projects

We have many references from a diverse clientele. We consider a satisfied customer to be our best reference. The projects below are a small excerpt from our portfolio.

  • Telecommunications
    We created an adapter service for a Geo-System (WebService) in Java and integrated it with existing applications.
  • Telecommunications
    We created an adapter service for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system (WebService) in Java and integrated it with existing applications. We did this using two plug-in versions, so the new CRM application could be introduced at whatever time was most convenient for the client.
  • Telecommunications
    We integrated a distributed system across multiple locations in Switzerland that allows customers to order ski passes via mobile phone (SMS) or on the Internet. Development was carried out with a team of other partners. We developed and integrated CORBA services for this project as well as the authentication servers used for "micro billing" and user identification.
  • Finance
    We created a "bridge" to a trading system using messaging with a CORBA interface.
  • Finance
    We designed the architecture for a FIX infrastructure and connectivity to trading systems using the FIXEngine Javelin and Cameron.
  • Telecommunications
    We integrated the host application for a new CRM system to an existing infrastructure.
  • Medicine
    We integrated a specialized LED matrix used for drug provision.
  • Logistics/Industrial
    We integrated RS485-connected scales to an ordering system for weight-based inventory control.

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