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Software Analysis

Object Engineering uses specialised analysis programs and methods to examine and map the inner components of existing legacy software. This allows us to modernize the components efficiently and economically and then integrate them into new, up-to-date technical facilities. Part of our unique approach is to use the metadata* of existing applications when analysing the collected information. This lets us (and you!) see interdependencies among different components that other analysis tools often leave out.
(*) metadata is “data about data” that provides information about one or more aspects of the data which can make tracking and working with specific data easier

Supported Standard Languages

  • C, C++
  • Java
  • C#, Visual Basic v6
  • TSQL, PSQL. MySQL, PostgressSQL and others
  • Delphi, PHP
  • COBOL, Fortran77, DB2-SQL and others

For specialised languages or input formats we have developed specialised parsers and scanners.
For example: AS400-CLP, AS400-DDS, PL/1-structures

Migration Strategy includes:

  • Analysis of existing systems and legacy software (feasibility study)
  • Architectural design of new software systems
  • Organization and planning of software modernization
  • Compatibility and system tests with peripheral systems

For a professional and careful approach, do not hesitate to contact us early for an individual software analysis!

Typical Steps of an Analysis

  • Collect and find data sources
  • Parse, scan, and filter data
  • Store data and metadata in a repository
  • Edit and enhance data (based on additional information from documentation and interviews)
  • Analyse data and add new relationships
  • Document the requirement of system- and software-architects
  • Create the target architecture and modernization plan
  • Generate new program components and artefacts for the new architecture

Reference Projects of Software Analysis

We consider a satisfied customer to be our best reference. Our successful migration projects are very diverse and provide ample testimony to our skills and professionalism. The projects below are a small excerpt from our portfolio.

  • Visual C++-Client-Sofware
    130 masks, 9400 fields
  • Marketing Batch Process
    AS400 batch application with 95 DB2 tables, 1600 DB2 SQL queries, CPL batch processes
  • C#-Standard-Software
    5500 C# classes, 4300 TSQL query statements embedded in code, and 660 TSQL tables
  • C#-Individual-Software
    7700 C# classes, approximately 1.4 M lines of code, 1900 TSQL queries and stored procedures
  • Individual-ERP-Software Client/Server
    138 VB-6 UI modules, 550 Java classes
We examine your system to the last detail!

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